Wednesday, June 11, 2014

UFO Alien Jomon Doug

UFO Alien Sightings the Jomon Doug 91613:

During the period of the early history of Japan ending about 3000 B.C. called the Jomon Era, an important artistic activity was the making of earthen statues. At first, these statues were small and very simple. They were made to represent human beings. But in the middle of the period, the artists started to make larger statues showing standard features of a drastically different design: large chests, arc-shaped legs, very short arms, and large heads apparently covered with complete helmets. These statues seem to depict precisely the same occupants "Aliens" similar to those seen aboard UFOs by modern witnesses. On the nature of the helmets archaeologists disagree. In 1924, because he thought that its expression looked like that found on a wooden mask made in Africa, Dr. Gento Hasebe proposed that the headgear was in reality a mourning mask used at burials. In the Tohoku area of northern Japan, however, some of the most elaborate statues of this kind show something like a pair of sunglasses: huge eyes with an insect-like horizontal slit – a truly remarkable design. Supposedly, the Alien looking statues of the later part of the Jomon Era were first made with earth, then copied on rock or soft stone. Those found in Lomoukai, Nambu province, are carved in rock and show helmets. One of them, a Jomon Dogu dated 4300 B.C. and excavated at the Amadaki ruins in the Iwate perfecture, shows details of the front part of the helmet, with a round opening at the base of the nose, below what appears to be a large perforated plate. The resemblance of the Dogu statues to many descriptions of occupants "aliens" is the relevant factor here. It has led some students of the Jomon Era to speculate that the statues might indicate the distant memory of "alien" visitors from elsewhere. The headgear with its filter, the large goggles, the necks with wide collars, and the one piece suits are certainly intriguing.
UFO Alien Sightings the Jomon Doug
 Jomon Dogu UFO Alien

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