Wednesday, June 11, 2014

UFO Aliens Sightings Salem Oregon 10412

New York UFO: Alien UFO Sightings Salem Oregon October.4.2012: In this 0:42 sec UFO Sightings Video we see on a clear sunny day over Salem Oregon on September.28.2012 several round illuminated star like "plasma" Unidentified Flying Objects "UFOs" just hovering in a stationary formation over this populated area in Salem Oregon. We ask the question why? Why would these supposed other worldly Alien ET vehicles "UFO" be just hovering in formation in broad daylight over this part of the world of Oregon? Are they surveying the area for mineral deposits? Are these UFOs performing a surveillance operation of this area for a future incursion or Abduction of the local human or live stock populace? Are these UFO Sightings which have been on the increase Worldwide a part of a Human Conditioning Process as to get the Skeptics on board to the Truth of there existence? Only time will tell. We all must continue to Watch The Skies And Search For The TRUTH...Note view this UFO Sightings Video in full screen for better view...

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