Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Myth of Night Time UFO Activity

New York UFO: The Myth of Night Time UFO Activity the following video description reads as follows: It is a widely believed that UFO activity mainly occurs at night time, that is a MYTH. I going to provide very simple arguments showing how wrong is that belief and that from the point of view of an active UFO observer/hunter the best/effective approach is to do daytime observations, combined or not with night time observations. Lets part from this very simple observation: Stars are always visible in a clear sky: day or night. This simple truth is known by many astronomers, professionals and amateurs. The fact that they are not visible to the eye in daylight is due to the heavy scattering of visible light by the sky, more into the blue portion of the spectrum, the reason why the sky is blue.
The sky scattering of light in the visible spectrum is what makes "invisible" almost any small UFO object in a clear daylight sky, from small birds in relatively high altitude, to small balloons, bugs, airplanes at high altitude and the very common anomalies. But by using a "dual" optical system almost all these UFO objects can be detected and tracked.(How to build a dual optical system: amount of these objects in daylight is staggering, anomalies being the supreme winner. Many of these objects are not self-illuminating, or when they have lights the portion of their body illuminated by that light is not the whole "structure". That means that many of these UFO objects visible in daylight because they are being illuminated by the sun will be very hard to spot at night, even using state of the art( and very expensive ) night vision equipment, but these objects will be visible to a $20 camera in daylight.You can argue that the more difficult part to any UFO active observer/hunter is once an object is detected to be able to "identify" that object as a "normal" object or an unknown/anomaly. That is difficult in daylight, even when you have all the sunlight to help you. Imagine then proper identification at night when you only see "dots of light", almost never any structure. The difficulty of proper identification at night is compounded for the almost universal use of a single camera, by using a single camera you can not make any distance estimations. The classical case where this is evident is in the many footage of "objects moving in the moon surface", by using a single camera and seeing an UFO object that appears to be moving along the Moon surface you can not really know if that UFO object was closer to the moon than to the observer. All detailed existent footage of anomalies done by any UFO active observer have been done in daylight. The level of details in these pictures/footage will be almost impossible to get at night. Night time observations are important, but I wanted to stress the fact that anomaly activity will be the same in daylight, but for obvious reasons the opportunity of doing proper identification and structure observation will be orders of magnitude better in daylight, not to mention cheaper equipment to make the observations.
This is a perfect example where statistics got it wrong: all organizations collecting UFO activity reports more sightings at night, the reason for that are given above. The old saying is true here: The best hiding place is to be in plain sight. Jeremy Thomas


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