Sunday, June 29, 2014

Russia Alien Humaniod Sighting Report

Russia Humanoid Sighting Report

Aktash, Altay region, West Siberia – Albert Rosales writes, “Many of the witnesses to high-strangeness reports in 1989; in the former Soviet Union were military personnel.”
Major I. A. Samoilenko a soldier of the local frontier guard detachment had disappeared from his night watch. The military immediately organized a search, but it brought no results. But three days later the missing frontier guard was found 5 kilometers from the mountainous settlement of Aktash. The soldier was very frightened, physically exhausted and could not explain what had occurred. After a long rehabilitation period and therapy on him conducted by officers of a special military KGB detachment, the frontier guard remembered that during his night watch a bright flash of light had blinded him and after that he had lost consciousness.
When he returned to his senses, he found himself in a strange room with walls that emitted an even bluish light with no visible source. Suddenly a female voice greeted him and warned him that he would be taken on a long journey. If he were selected for that honorable mission he would be helping a distant civilization very similar to humans in many aspects and located in the Gemini constellation. After that was said, the soldier lost consciousness again. He vaguely remember that next he saw several humanoid figures “without faces” leaning over him and examining his body. He was then exposed to attacks of sudden unbearable pain during this “medical examination.” After that he fell into a state of powerful euphoria and bliss. After examination at a local military hospital a commission found him mentally unstable or insane. And one and a half month later he died of a fulminating illness similar to exposure to high doses of radiation. Thanks to John Hayes


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