Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Three UFO Disc Formation Above Tree and House Winter 1980

I saw this UFO formation in rural Capac, Michigan - January of 1980, maybe February, when I was 18 years old. I was an absolutely bitterly cold winter night, I was out driving with my girlfriend and another couple, listening to music sipping a few beers, that's what we did back then living in the country, nobody had cell phones, we just socialized and listened to music. Don't exactly remember, probably a Friday night, perhaps Saturday. I needed to stop to urinate, so I picked a spot between 2 houses that were approximately 150 to 200 yards apart, just a random spot far enough away from both houses. I stepped behind the car and started peeing at the side of the road and looked up. To my right above the one farmhouse were these 3 circular UFOs very close to each other in a straight formation with lights going all the way around the middle. These UFOs were just above this large tree right behind the house and the closest one was partially over the house a bit. They blocked out the stars. it was dark out but the sky was kind of that blueish-gray because the moon was out, it wasn't a black night sky at all so these UFOs were kind of silhouetted darker against the sky on the bottom side. I watched amazed, I had no idea what I was seeing really but I knew this wasn't something i'd ever seen in our skies. These UFOs were floating to the east (my left) about as fast as you would walk normally and there was absolutely no noise. They were pretty big compared to things I knew, I figured about the width of a football field, I played football and other sports, that seemed relative to me and about right, so I guess between 45 and 55 yards wide. The lights on these UFOs were yellowish like an old lamp you'd see inside a house, and they weren't that bright. I remember thinking that's weird, the side part is only maybe 4 feet high, nobody could get close enough to see out those windows. Now I justify that they probably weren't windows, just lights who knows. when these UFOs had floated a hundred or so feet closer to me but parallel to the road, I went to the car and said to everyone hey come out here and look at this but they all just hollered to shut the door because of how cold it was outside. So I went back out for a moment, I was bitterly cold but I had to watch more. I thought, they're looking for something, then I thought, maybe they're looking for me and decided to get the hell out of there. I was shivering from the cold anyway, I hopped in the car and we took off. The next morning I got up and was tearing through my mom's newspaper and was amazed there was nothing in there about what i'd seen. This group of UFOs was pretty big and surely someone else had seen and reported it, but not to my knowledge. I've only told a handful of people since then but the last 10 years I started telling a few more people and they didn't tell me I was nuts. I guess i'm comfortable reaching out especially now that organization like yours exist. I even made an illustration of it because I had to frankly, it's the greatest thing I have ever seen, I can still see this like it just happened whenever I think of it. I'm a graphic artist in the large-format sign business. I started this illustration a couple years ago and only recently finished it. I will attach a couple jpegs of when I first saw them and how far they moved in a couple minutes before I drove off. I'm not sure if I have the scale perfect and i was a little more to the left down the road than the illustration suggests, but that's the jist of the situation. also, just yesterday I was watching a YouTube video and I was stopped in my tracks, I saw this image that was so close to what i drew a couple years ago it was almost dead-on, I paused the video and made a screen capture of it, closest thing I have ever seen to what I saw - it amazed me even though the quality is crap. This was a visual UFO sighting only, I never saw anything but the outside of these, no beings at all, just some moving UFOs 130 feet off the ground.
I know this was really a long time ago, but I wanted you to have my report of it. I know they're here, don't know how they got here, what they are if they're always here or have to travel to visit here, but I know what I saw. mufon cms# 83803 UFO Sighting occurred in 1980's Capac MI.