Sunday, May 21, 2017

Blue UFO Sighting Photographed over Medina New York

On May 17th 2017 , around 7:pm I walked outside on my deck and noticed the southeastern sky was making a twister type cloud ... I went and grabbed my camera took a few pictures and went out to the front of the house instead to see if it looked crazy that way too.. so I took a few pictures there even though nothing was out of the ordinary.. I went back to the other side of the house and looked up, and yelled to my fiancee LOOK!! LOOK AT THE SKY !! He also saw this amazing UFO sighting in only 2 minutes or so, the twister had formed and a blue glowing ball UFO was coming closer and closer appearing to appear and disappear, being closer every time. The blue glowing ball, or orb UFO ended up being only about 500 feet away before it disappeared. We then watched and took more pictures because the clouds looked like they had something in them and after it all started to blow over , or break apart.. there were smoke like clouds that looked different than any other we have seen and then they were gone. We felt extremely exhilarated and excited about what we had seen we then went through the pictures and saw these awesome glowing blue orbs.. in the pictures and not just by our eye we couldn't even believe it . We then decided to share the beauty. mufon cms# 83863

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