Friday, May 12, 2017

Watched this UFO hovering and possibly keeping pace with our car Lowell MI. U.S.

Was riding in a car down Lincoln Lake road between Belding and Lowell MI. It was very late one evening in July 1993 when I was just mesmerized and staring peacefully at this UFO that was hovering and possibly keeping pace with us it had lights of various colors that pulsated. Looked to be either triangle or chevron shape. Like I said it was very late and dark. This was rural area so no ambient street lights and very little light pollution. I am not positive how long I stared at it, but I was at peace, relaxed and not afraid. I remember that I was going to ask my boyfriend who was driving something. I don't ever remember actually talking but he answered me. This happened constantly after the event. It's like we could read each other minds. I was going to ask him also if he was seeing this UFO, never got a chance. But any way I looked over to my boyfriend and looked back real quick to the UFO speeding off and disappearing like a flash. It was gone. It didn't really register till after the fact what I saw. To this day, I can not get this UFO Sighting out of my head. mufon cms# 83652

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