Saturday, May 27, 2017

Looked like a small Saturn like UFO over Great Britain reported

I was looking out my window at about 10:pm on Feb.7,2017 Great Britain, where I saw a circle shaped that resembled what appeared to be a Saturn Shape UFO in the sky with no trail of smoke so it wasn't a plane but it wasn't flashing lights so it couldn't of been a star. I could just see 1 small light in the sky so I took a picture zoomed in of it then I screen shot that picture then zoomed in on it and I had a close up view and I saw like little black things walking and at that moment I thought I was a UFO because I think there Aliens in the strange shaped UFO I was watching it for about 4 minutes then it just disappeared and I could never find it again I got very anxious and annoyed when I lost it it was a very strange shape. mufon cms# 84006 ( The UFO photo above was taken over Trinada Island Brazil 1958 )edited version.

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