Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Three UFO's observed hovering over small town in Idaho Summer of 1949

In the early Summer of 1949 I was four years old and living with my family in the tiny town of Paris Idaho. It was early in the evening, I remember because my Father had just gotten home from work. As my Mother was preparing dinner we all heard a commotion outside. There were many exited and loud voices talking all at once. My parents ran outside followed by me, my little Brother and my big Sister. What I saw, I have not or never will forget.

It seems as though just about everyone in the whole town was standing outside with startled looks on their faces and everyone was looking up. I looked up and what I saw was amazing to say the least. There were three UFO’s, at the time we called them, Flying Saucers and that’s just what they looked like. These UFOs were light in color, almost white. Thinking back I would say they were each about 30-50 ft. across. They were just hovering there in silence, 200-300 ft. off the ground in broad daylight. It seemed they were there for an eternity but in truth I think it was just under a minuet and just like that they were gone. They moved so fast it was almost like they just disappeared.

One of the strangest things about the whole encounter, is that nobody ever really talked about it again.mufon cms# 83480