Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cigar Shaped UFO observed over Pacific Ocean in San Diego CA.

On October 26, 2017 I witnessed a Cigar Shaped UFO from my balcony in San Diego. I was on my balcony watching the sunset around 6:00 pm. I noticed a very bright UFO off in the Pacific rotating clockwise. When I fixed my sight on the UFO it stopped in a vertical position. After a few seconds this UFO slowly rotated to a 2 o'clock position and started to descend towards the horizon. While descending it flattened out to a horizontal position parallel to the horizon. Then it started to move south staying in that horizontal position. Before this UFO disappeared behind some trees a plane flew directly in front of it (taking off from Lindbergh Field). This gave a good perspective of how large it was and how far it was off the coast. Although it was at least 10-20 miles off the coast it was the same size as the airliner that was 10-20 miles in front of it. I have two videos of the UFO Sighting and multiple still shots taking from my I phone. mufon cms# 88599

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