Monday, December 4, 2017

UFO was moving NW above phone power lines 12/1/17 Ontario

UFO Sighting occurred over Carleton Place Ontario on December 1st, 2017 at 19:00 I had just finished work and was heading home and that's when I noticed a white UFO moving above the power lines. I had stopped my car to make sure that it was not light deflecting since the sky was overcast. That's when I saw the UFO move North West and moving around between the lines. The UFO was about maybe 10 to 15 feet in diameter. It's hard to explain because the best way I can describe the UFO it was shaped like a fried egg with the UFO misty white and the middle a brighter white. It also moved like a flying "magic" carpet. I followed it for about half a kilometer and then it headed upwards and I lost track of it. I was intrigued by what I was seeing and I guess in awe since I've never seen something like this and as low. I had seen UFOs before but only moving lights in the distance. mufon cms# 88551

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