Monday, December 25, 2017

Black Disc UFO Sighting near Capital Forest Olympia WA 12/21/17

I was driving around Rock Candy Road looking to see if there were any good places for star watching. I wanted to find a good spot in my area for viewing the space station away from lights. I wake up early every day for work and just couldn't fall asleep after I woke up so decided to go for a ride since the sky is clear today. I did not know if there was a gate to get into Capital Forest so I drove to check it out. Just past the parking lot for the trail head there was a bright flash everything illuminated like lightening but there were no clouds and no storms anywhere close. I stopped my car and got out to look at the sky and grabbed my i Phone. I saw a black round maybe disc shaped UFO maybe 100 feet from me about 40 feet above the trees. The UFO made no sound. My i Phone was completely black then after a few seconds I saw the apple logo and realized it was rebooting. I never shut it down it did this on its own. The UFO was only visible by the fact that it block out the sky and made no sound at all. It moved to the WSW and behind some hills and I couldn't see it anymore. I got very emotional afterwards and started crying. I am very skeptical of these sorts of things and have no idea what the UFO Sighting was. source

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