Friday, March 18, 2016

Silent Oblong Shaped UFO Daytime Sightings UK 3/13/16

UFO witness reports that I was walking home from the local shops with my elderly mother (on the 13 March 2016 5.56 pm) The Sky was perfectly clear, in my peripheral vision I noticed some movement in the sky… I looked up just as a silent black rectangular UFO passed almost directly over our heads! The UFO was moving at speed (approximately 50 mph) on a perfectly straight trajectory exactly as if it was on rails it’s height was approximately 150 m. I pointed it out to my mother.. we could not make sense of what we were seeing. Barnsbury Avenue is very quiet so any sound from this UFO would have been obvious, but there was absolutely no sound. It was only in sight for 15-20 seconds.. the moment I saw this UFO I pulled out my iPhone to capture some video/stills, but realized by the time I would have the camera ready the object would have passed behind house’s so we simply observed it with our eyes. Within 30 seconds of this UFO object passing I had set my iPhone up to take some digital shots of the location/lighting.I also made a note of the wind direction *southernly (the UFO was moving westerly)

Structure of UFO:
Rectangular cube shape (not aerodynamic) ..Beneath the UFO was 8 thin legs like extrusions that appeared to have some motion possibly being buffeted by the wind they seemed to be flexible like thin rubber.
Size: of UFO From what we could make out it appeared to be approximately L=10ft W=7ft H=7ft …roughly size of an old type Mini (small British car)
Appearance: of UFO It’s coloring was very odd to observe.. the sides appeared to be rough weathered mat Black metal, the back end of this object was somehow more than 100% Black, the back end seemed to absorb light completely no reflected light at all.. (this light absorbing effect I have never seen in life) I have created to the best of my ability an accurate 3D animated visualization of the sighting using the digital photo that was taken 30 seconds after the object had gone behind the house. This is very close to what we had seen in terms structure, size, height, and speed. I have had many sightings of orb like UFO objects but none have been as close and as clear this Black oblong object..

UFO Sighting witness personal thoughts:
• It was moving silently with speed at a constant velocity on a perfectly straight trajectory across the direction of the wind.. so it can’t simply be a balloon or a drone.
• It was not being pulled through the air by another vehicle.
• My mother and I both witnessed it it's not my imagination.
• It was Black with no illumination not a lantern.
• There was no exhaust.. so I have no idea to what was causing this object to move.
• The light absorbing quality gave me the impression we were observing a new kind of technology not normally seen my man.
• Its size, speed and lack of engine/motor sound also gave the impression that this is of a technology also not normally seen my man.

Other UFO Sightings witnesses
There could be a good chance there will be other witnesses, it’s flight path takes it virtually over Aylesbury town centre. MUFON CMS#75244