Sunday, March 6, 2016

Rectangle Shaped UFO sighting over Delray Beach Fl 3/5/16

UFO Signs:

UFO witness states I was traveling eastbound on Hwy 80 just between Gladewater and White Oak. I noticed a very large red object in my rear view mirror. I thought it could have been a life flight helicopter and dismissed the object as that. Roughly 30 seconds go by and i notice the object is now getting much closer than it was when I first viewed it.

Again, I dismissed it as possibly just a life flight helicopter and continued to drive. The UFO closed in within 50 to 100 ft of my vehicle and I then noticed that I heard no helicopter or aircraft sound. As the UFO was coming up behind my vehicle, it turned on some sort of white "spotlight" or bright white light that illuminated the entire road beneath the UFO. Then it moved directly over my vehicle and matched my speed, staying above my vehicle for the duration of this experience.

I pulled my car over on eastbound side of hwy 80 in the middle of the bridge leading over lake Devernia. My wife was with me during this event and once I started to pull over, she became extremely upset and scared and asked me to please just continue to drive and not to stop. Once i came to a complete stop, I opened my door, stepped out of my vehicle and tried to better observe this UFO. There was a very distinct "hum", almost like a hum you would hear coming from a street lamp. Very consistent and very unique sound.

I used my left arm to shield my eyes to try and get more details on the UFO. On each wing tip, there white lights. The cavity the lights were in looked like someone taking a scoop out of an ice cream bowl. The light itself looked to come from further back in this recess. The object was a flat black looking metallic skin. The only reflective item on this UFO was the circle around the red light/hugely bright white light coming directly from the center of the undercarriage of the vehicle. When I observed it, it would have been "red/white light in recess, reflective black metallic material forming a circle, almost exactly like a recess light in your home. The housing for the light would be identical to what i saw on this craft.

The best description I can give on how I felt during this is like when you put a 9v battery to your tongue, that metallic/static/uncomfortable feeling is what the whole area felt like to me. While looking at the craft, there seemed to be something that made the outer edge look like what pavement looks like on a hot summer day. There was absolutely no wind or prop wash coming off of this UFO, just the electric sounding hum.

After a few minutes of seeing the UFO while out of my car, it slowly gain roughly 100 ft in altitude, looking like it was moving sideways or "crab walking" back toward the west where I originally saw the red light, it flew over some tree tops and out of my line of sight. As I sat back down into the car, my wife was hysterical. Extremely afraid, extremely shocked and frantic. I started driving east again and within seconds started to feel as if I were sunburned. My face/left arm were the only parts of my body that felt this way. It was identical to how a sunburn feels. It felt like it radiated heat, was warmer to the touch than any other part of my body and yet there was no sunburn. My arm/face looked perfectly fine, but felt as tho they had been burned.

There are other details to this event that will remain untold unless it's directly to a MUFON detective. Never in my life have I ever experienced something like this. If anyone else witnessed this UFO, please come forward also and lets get this on record. Not only was this the biggest vehicle UFO I have ever seen, it was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed. MUFON CMS# 74989

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