Thursday, March 3, 2016

UFO Sighting Reported Williamstown NJ 3/2/16

UFO Signs:

Me and My brother were walking towards our house. we stood on our back deck for a second, gazing up at the clear, starry sky, as we live where theres barely any light pollution. Towards the western horizon, we saw what we first believed to be a star, but brighter; and moving ever so slightly back and forth in a circular motion; coming closer and farther with each small circular revolution. I headed into my house and grabbed a pair of High quality binoculars, and focused on the UFO. You could clearly observe Red-Orange lights, around 5~ I'd say, in a circle on the UFO, with a light blue aura barely, but clearly visible emitting from it. As we stood there astonished, we noticed multiple planes come close to the object, and each time one did, you'd notice the UFO pan towards and then, away from the clearly visible plane coming close to it. The planes were always small in scale to the bright, star-like object.

It was then, when another plane passed under it, did I realize the extraterrestrial (Out of this world) likeness of the object. The lights from the UFO reflected off the plane, making the wings visible, clearly meaning it was no starlight reflecting, and was instead artificial light. (Out of this world)

Another 30 minutes went by, and need I tell you, it was around 15 Degrees F outside, but I could not for the life of me take my eyes off this elusive UFO. It only ever went left and right, back and forward, appearing to be an eyetrick at first. But as I put my finger in front of it, it moved away from it, appearing again, and then suddenly to the left of it; indictating it's movements as something more than an illusion.

I was and still am absolutely speechless, as I witnessed only one other paranormal incident in my life, when I was about 12-13. (I saw 10 simultaneous bright flashes, in the dead of night, so bright that the sky appeared to be blue, as if it was a mid-summer day, again with my brother) During the observing time, I felt sick and nauseous, as I know I saw the real thing when I was younger (I could not sleep that night, years and years ago, because I was so traumatized from the event) and I couldn't believe I could be so lucky as to witness yet another in my lifetime. The sickness though, HAD to be related to said unidentified object, each time I looked away, it would settle. But when I would gaze upon it, I felt as if my appendix burst all over again. My brother recorded the event, but due to the distance of the UFO Sighting, and the quality of his phone and camera, you can just barely see the light and watch it move, but one might claim the video to be a hoax, so it's not worth sharing. The encounter however, was more than real than the sky is blue.

The UFO Sighting encounter ended as I got tired of watching it just move left and right, back and forth, with no further actions or indications it would 'fly' away. After two hours of gazing upon it, I walked back in my house, keeping in mind I'd go back outside and see if it either switched places (evidence of being a star, to me) or if it disappeared completely. A half hour went by and I stood outside to check, and in the sky, there was nothing. No bright lights/stars. No UFO, no more planes flying over that area. I can only imagine what I might have missed.MUFON CMS #74944

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