Monday, March 7, 2016

Several UFOs reported 3/1/16 over Queens New York

UFO Signs:

30-40 orb shaped UFOs sighted moving through cloud cover in Queens New York on March 3rd 2016. Witness states I thought I was seeing stars, at first then suddenly realized the UFOs were moving. I looked in another area and another UFO. The clouds were moving fast and starting to cover quickly though the little openings a light would appear and than be gone moving in its own direction.

At first, I thought it was just the clouds moving against the sky but I started testing each UFO by using the telephone pole and the wire and I stood still and the UFOs were moving fast pass my set focus points.

I then ran inside and got my Girl Friend and the sky was almost completely covered with clouds. strange cloud fog.. Tiny little holes would open in the sky and you would see one and another and another moving in the same direction. If that same place was again clear the objects were not in the sky. Must have seen 30 of these UFOs before the sky was completely covered with cloud fog.

I retuned outside 45 mins later around 830pm and the sky was completely clear and the stars were ! in there natural place and no clouds to be seen. Source 

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