Saturday, December 24, 2016

UFO Sighting shifting orb witnessed at Stevens Pass, WA

After a day of skiing at Stevens Pass, I was staying the night at the ski resort with some friends in the RV lot so we could ski the following day. Around 7:00 p.m we left our camper and walked to the main base area of the resort. Skiing operations closed at 4:00 that day and the mountain was dark, but the base area was illuminated, and we used this lighting to play a game of corn hole (beanbag toss game) right in the main courtyard area next to the lodge and clock tower. It was a very cold night with broken clouds and occasional snow showers. We were the only ones outside in the area. It was the night before a full moon and the moon looked amazing with the small broken clouds moving quickly past it.

Having the place to ourselves with the resort lodges and clock tower decorated in Christmas lights and the full moon in the backdrop, I tried my best to get a picture with my phone that captured the whole scene. To do this I stepped about thirty feet away from my friends, took a knee and held my phone at an angle that got all three of my friends in the frame as well as the moon (this was tricky and you will see that in a couple shots either a friend or the moon gets cut off). Once I had the correct angle I waited for gaps in the clouds as they passed over the moon. After snapping a couple photos, I first noticed the UFO in the screen of my phone.

The UFO first appeared as a blotch of white light in the screen of my phone. It seemed like a morphing light ball with a bright core surrounded by a duller light and was very fluid yet erratic in its movements. If I had to guess I would say the core was the size of a large grapefruit and the outer layer the size of a beach ball. It was like a luminescent aerial jellyfish. The UFO first appeared in the sky around the trees in the background and moved toward us. It came as close as the clock tower (the photo showing the object in front of the lodge verifies its proximity).

At this point, I looked up from the camera, where the image was very bright, however with my bare eyes I could only see the outer dull light, but the inner bright sphere was still visible in the screen of my phone. Put another way: With my bare eyes, the UFO was not very noticeable and I might have not noticed it. At the same time it was glowing even brighter than what was captured by the camera on the screen of my phone. At one point most of my screen went white. I was really confused and rendered speechless.

At this point I stood up and pivoted my whole focus to the UFO. As soon as I did the UFO shot off to the trees behind the lodge, paused near the top for one to two seconds and then shot off over Big Chief Mountain at impossible speed and was gone. As you can see in the pictures, my friends were oblivious of its presence and I was not able to process what I was seeing in time to verbalize what I was seeing. By the time I did, it was gone. I still really have no idea what I saw and the photos just add to the mystery.

Likely unrelated, we did see multiple F/A-18 or F15s (looked like they had 2 vertical stabilizers) jets flying at low altitude over the resort the following morning. UFO Sighting shifting orb witnessed at Stevens Pass, WA  nUFOrc UFO Sighting report 

ACFT1 slow moving single UFO light ACFT2 Chevron 5 lights quick deceleration

Nov 23, 2016

6:50pm I was in my car, turning onto a street in Woodbury Heights, NJ, when I saw what I thought was a helicopter on approach to PHL, at about 500-1000 ft AGL. A second aircraft came zipping up from behind. I thought they were going to crash a few hundred yards away. The second aircraft, quickly decelerating, dove to the left under the first one, back to the right, back to the left again, like a fighter jet, and then made a sharp right bank under it and quickly disappeared towards Woodbury. I suppose a helicopter pilot might be able to make those sweeping movements, but I don’t think it could bugout and disappear that quickly. I do not believe that a plane could fly that slow and do that. Thirdly, you’d have to be an idiot to perform that maneuver so close together over such a populated area.

It was fairly dark, all I could see was the large white light (ACFT #1) and a wing-shaped line of lights, about the length of a commuter plane’s wings (ACFT #2). This line of bright lights was on the rear of the UFO craft, larger than your normal navigation lights and in the wrong configuration for any registered aircraft that I am aware of. There was five evenly spaced lights of similar size: white – green – white – red – white. Normally, you would see red on the left wingtip and green on the right and I have not seen lights like that shinning from the back of any plane or helicopter I know.

I got into the house less than 1 minute later and ran to an upper window. I could not see the ACFT #2, trees block the view. ACFT #1 was still visible a mile or so away and appeared to have stopped. I dragged my husband and son out to see the light, but that is all you could see. It was too far off and indiscernible from a large light such as Venus. It was cold and I did not stay outside to watch it disappear.

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any aircraft like I described or if a near miss was reported. I live about 5 miles from PHL, on approach to runway 35; we see a lot of planes and helicopters. mufon cms# 81112

UFO Sightings of a different kind Oklahoma 12-23-16

This UFO Sighting has been visible from both sides of the world. My fiancee is in England and he see's the same UFO 7 pm his time. It's always visible 7 pm my time too. I stargaze a lot. I'm pretty knowledgeable on the star systems alongside planets. It's not a satellite. I have an app. on my phone which tells me what's where in the sky. This light is artificial. It's very close to our atmosphere as it's only observable from one location at a time. Tonight is the first night that this UFO has done anything. It's almost as if it's rotating and that's how the lights from the UFO are disappearing. It's been happening for over an hour now. We observes a change in shape too. No one is reporting this. Why?

Something is going on with this UFO. Just take a look to the sky. It's there every damn night and has been for the last few months. mufon cms# 81123