Sunday, December 11, 2016

UFO sighting shape of a disc with bright lights with dividers in between the lights 12/4/16 Winter Harbor ME

I saw this UFO following me down the road for several miles before switching directions and disappearing. The UFO was seen directly overhead, then the witness drove 6 miles down the road. The duration of the drive the UFO was following in the sky alongside the vehicle possibly 350-400 yards overhead. The UFO appeared to be in the shape of a disc with bright lights with dividers in between the lights. The UFO appeared to be vertical, and not horizontal (parallel with the ground). It wasn't traveling at a considerably fast speed. It seemed to be more of gliding along. UFO Sightings Report

Honestly a little scared! After UFO Sighting Sauk Rapids MD 12/4/16

This was a triangular UFO with 3 or 4 lights on the back which were bright and 4 or 5 going towards the tip at different intensities. I have thought I have seen things before but nothing as definitive as this!!!! Honestly a little scared! I just got home from my daughters hockey game went out back to check on things, its quiet, look up and here it is silently floating across the sky until it faded in to the trees in my back yard and I lost it. I live near a small airport but not a lot of over night traffic oh it is or was also a black hawk base or repair site. UFO Sightings Report

Silent disk shape UFO standing at same location over prison in Germany 12/3/16

Mid night in open prison in Bielefeld Ummeln Germany. over the garden disk shape UFO. mobile phones are out of power, local phone and electricity are gone. same of the prisoners has films the UFO, and the guards takes all of the records away, in couple of minutes comes local police, and warns us, not to talk about it otherwise, we're going to have trouble with...... /..... /..... all the blocks are under.........._.. /.... :/.... I've film picture and tape film as a proof. I have been told, not to tell any other friend or relatives... mufon cms# 80913