Saturday, February 6, 2016

UFO Sighting Conflict over Lower Lake California 1/10/15

UFO Sighting witness states I had been experiencing very strange things ever since a very bad forest fire in lake county northern California in September 2015 but the months of Oct and Sept were was there most UFO activity. I have a lot of different photos video and audio but the most amazing thing I experienced and with great photos to with it is this so I remember walking out side I had been watching the skies constantly since I had my first UFO Sighting experience in September 2015 a few weeks before I watched a orange ball fly around in ways that had me like a exited kid for weeks anyway when I was in my back yard on Oct 1st and looked up in time to see a very strange UFO object appear out of nowhere and it began to do things I have a hard time explaining but of what I can say is it began to light up pulse change colors and kinda crackle with energy then I noted a second UFO object that kinda looked like some creature or entity begin to attack the light UFO object even looked like a few smaller creatures were attacking too then the light UFO object turned bright white and it looked like it made the entity light up white then it looked like holes opened up in the air then it was gone all of it and the very weird part is I don't remember anything afterwards I even forgot about it completely until the next day or so until I found the photos on my phone then the memory's came back to me for the most part but its still feels really weird in my head I'm very glad I have the photos I study them allot and it helps but the whole thing is strange any way I want to share this with who ever wants share their thought s with me and like I said I have other things on photo, audio and video and its a few different things like paranormal things I am ready to share with the world.....btw I am feeling allot more humbled and consciously aware of the universe since I've been experiencing these things and it's made my life better so I'd love to share these things I was scared at first but I feel ready now. MUFON CMS # 74330

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