Saturday, February 6, 2016

UFO Alleged Metal Fragments Found with Metal Detector

I am currently 56 years old. I have enjoyed many leisurely hours with my metal detector over the years, finding everything from old bullets and/or their casings, coins, and old rusted metal tools.

Two years ago my, then 7 year old, grandson who enjoyed doing this with me, asked to go to an area close to a place where we had found a very large quantity of spent bullets. (This area was a scene of many civil war engagements).

We had not been in this new area very long when my metal detector started sounding. After digging about 16 to 18 inches, we found the source. It is a silver colored metal that is about 3 inches at its widest point, and about 4 1/2 inches in length. It only weighs 109.96 grams, but looks like it should weigh much more.

In addition to being light in weight, it appears that it had been molten when it came into contact with the soil. The bottom clearly shows it hit the soil while molten because of the rough pits, obviously caused by the damp soil giving off steam from the heat. The top looks like a smooth molten blob of metal. (See picture).

It is important to note that soil in this area is very hard, red clay. As such, everything we have ever found had been stained a reddish color by the clay.

My first thought was that it was possibly aluminum, however; I have found aluminum cans at MUCH more shallow depths, that were not only stained red by the clay, but displayed extensive degradation through the oxidation process of being buried in this highly acidic red clay.

The fragment we found, as I mentioned earlier, was buried quite deep by comparison, yet showed absolutely no sign of red staining nor degradation whatsoever. It was just a curiosity to me at the time, and we kept scouring the area.

We wound up finding a very large quantity of different types of metal than the first piece mentioned above, but they too showed no sign of staining or degradation.

I make jewelry, so different metals interest me. About a year after obtaining it, I ran across it. Using my jewelers fine toothed electric band-saw, I cut a piece about 1 inch long off of it.

I also started handling it more many times. Not long afterward, I started having numerous dental & respiratory problems. I lost a few teeth, and will have to get more removed. There was a period of time while I was handling it quite a bit, that my fingertips became and stayed numb and/or tingling.

It has other strange properties, specifically when it involves magnetism, and in a very short time I associated my symptoms with the metallic pieces.

About one month after the last time I handled the metal, the numbness in my fingertips went away.

Sometime after that, I started watching various television programs with my grandson in which your organization was mentioned.

I would welcome providing samples of the various fragments we found, especially the piece that hit the earth while molten.

I would like to have a metallurgist inspect and try to identify what this metal is.

While taking pictures of this specimen, each attempt to take a picture of the end of the larger piece, ended up out of focus. MUFON CMS # 74334


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