Alien Greys Now On The New Uncovered Exposed Secret

Who Are The Small Alien Grey Entities:

Description: Of PLF's. Programable Life Forms.

3.5-4.0 Ft. Tall / Eyes, Large Black Almond Shaped & Round. / Hairless / Grey, Blue, / Three-Four Fingers / Slit For Mouth / Holes for Ears / Two Holes for Nose / Large Heads / Non-Emotional / Non-Sexual /

Small Grey Entities are droids PLF's ( Programable Life Forms ) Greys are manufactured and distributed through a number of different purposes by various Entities and forces outside and inside our reality. 

Alien Grey Programable Life Form Photo

PLF droids are always in groups of either 3-6-9. This grouping in numbers is a Amplification Function. The actual voltage per animal or per creature is low. But in three's they can amplify and create a greater field because we all have a field Aura.

We humans  are contained in a biological body ( Shell-Suite ) which can be measured with electrodes for Neurological Voltage. A Neurological System both sending out and receiving back. 

Francavilla (Pescara) UFO Alien Contact in 1957

The Bases Project: Here we continue with an interesting contact named Lisa Williams. She was the key witness to describe the programmed generated life forms being made in the secret underground bases in England, Berkshire, AL-499 and more, which led to Barry King, and the very first Bases interview in August 1994.
It was with great sadness that Miles Johnson was only made aware that Lisa had passed on early 2021, Date unknown.

This obituary by Miles is recognition of just part of her work and experiences. It was the detailed interaction between Barry King and Lisa, about how the Greys, Reptilians and the various military from many different countries, got on, that made Miles Johnston, stay the course, and The Bases Project was born, in Aug 1994.
Lisa would be contacted by Greys where she worked in east London, in broad daylight.

Our military have been intricately involved with various ETs in our bases and social infrastructure for decades. Barry Kings father found the German lab, in early 1945, where the Germans were working with "strange looking humanoids, and a strange "aircraft". Germany was well ahead of the game during the WW2. It also shows that the British knew of Germany's involvement during the war, with the ETs. Thus the whole Disclosure issue is an UTTER FARCE. We have been MAKING Aliens in our Labs for 70 years, Programmed Generated Life Forms, some for "The Lunar Base" Date of Lisa's passing unknown,  Sympathies with her surviving family.

Continued here we have an interesting perception of Angel "Alien" interactions with Mortals "Humans".  

Materialization ( SAR'GIS )

By the Spirits of the dead the "Angels" could readily take on Corporeal Bodies for themselves. The Land of Egypt was overrun with Spirits of Darkness and the Mortals attained to see Them.
And they dwelled together as one people. Angles & Mortals. An abundance of Familiar Spirits dwelt with Mortals took on SARGIS forms and ate and drank with them. Angels taking on forms
looking like Mortals.


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