New Exposed Secret On The ET Infiltration Of Military,Intell,Government Departments

A growing number of individuals who have served in military intelligence or government institutions testify to the presence of extraterrestrial (ET) races that compete among themselves and with clandestine (human) organizations for influence over global humanity. 

Dr Steven Greer has gathered the testimonies of more than 100 of these witnesses in written and/or video format and made these available for the general public and for a congressional inquiry. He claims a further 300 are ready to come forward to give testimony if given legal protection from prosecution for violating their secrecy oaths.

The clandestine organizations are groups of individuals embedded within the intelligence and military services of different national governments whose role is to deal with all issues pertaining to the ET presence. The different ET races span the entire spectrum from non-interventionist races that have a philosophy based on not interfering with human free will when interacting with and influencing individuals, organizations, and societies. 

US Military Escorting Alien UFO

And to interventionist races that intercede in human affairs without necessarily respecting human free will for motivations that range from a self-serving desire to harvest the resources of global humanity, to an altruistic desire to assist global humanity in developing to its highest species potential. 

The most credible sources providing evidence of these clandestine organizations and the different ET groups are ‘whistleblowers’ who participated in various clandestine military/intelligence projects. Another important source is individuals who have directly experienced contact with different ET factions and/or been unwilling subjects of clandestine/ET projects. 

These former participants in projects run by clandestine organizations have testified to the relationships between humanity and various ET races in terms of the latter’s motivations, activities, and moral philosophy, and the alliances they form with Clandestine Organizations embedded within intelligence and security forces that interface with different ET races. 

The nature of these alliances appears to be very fluid in terms of how ETs and elites interface, and the various elites that come to the pinnacle of these organizations. It appears that a struggle between different factions of ETs who share interventionist and non-interventionist approaches to human affairs has been reflected in the various clandestine organizations that interface with them and dictate global policy. 

These factional differences appear both in terms of the relationships between these clandestine organizations, and also in the internal dynamics of clandestine organizations. Continue to read Exposing ET Infiltration of Military, Intelligence, and Government Departments here.


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