Monday, February 3, 2020

Formation 25-30 light gray UFOs reported Centennial CO

We were sitting in our hot tub on the evening of 1/19/2020. It was just past 9:00 PM MST (we know this because we had just finished watching TV) Our tub is on the north side of the house and we have an unobstructed view directly overhead and to the east. The sky was completely clear with no moon or clouds. My wife suddenly exclaimed "What is that!" and pointed E-N/E. She continued to point at it and said: "It went behind the trees." I didn't see it, but she described it as "v" formation of light UFOs.

We continued discussing the event postulating what it might be. Then, 15 minutes later (I checked my watch afterward to verify), I saw something directly overhead and pointed it out to her. She remarked that it was the exact same UFO she saw earlier. We watched it fly rapidly from overhead to the E-N/E where it vanished behind the trees.

What I was a formation of 25-30 light gray objects in a nearly perfect, but 'flattened', 'v' shape. They were not illuminated but were distinct in the night sky. Each UFO looked roughly square in shape and they were spaced very closely together with even distance. The formation was completely silent as it went overhead. The formation passed overhead and over the horizon in approximately 5 seconds. The width in the sky was approximately the same as my hand extended at full reach. (I would be happy to submit daylight photos of the location if it would be helpful) I ran inside to get my camera and we spent the next 20 minutes waiting for another pass but never saw anything else. During that period we observed several standard airplanes flying their usual routes. An airplane (at altitude) was the same size or smaller than each of the UFOs in the formation and traveled much slower. We could clearly hear the airplane's engines. NUFORC

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