Saturday, December 8, 2018

Remote Viewing and Statistical UFO Validation

We all know the US Government spent millions on the AATIP program to look into UFOs. Previously there were also millions spent over 20 years on remote viewing and 100,000 pages of a secret spy program are still classified. The RV Star-gate program was eventually closed down despite protests from two senators and leading statistician, Professor Jessica Utts was called in to provide evidence for Congress that the work was sound and valid and should be continued. We are now told there are still secret UFO programs running. I suspect the same goes for RV - maybe they're even using it also to probe  especially as Doctor Utts' and a leading skeptic's report proved 100 per cent that psychic abilities are real. Here is an excellent interview with Professor Utts if you need convincing. So let's stop the denial and get on with discovering just what is going on.She calls for proper research and funding for university studies which she says could literally revolutionize the world. And she hits out at those "small group of debunkers" who discourage research in this area, saying they're "doing a huge disservice to society".

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