Sunday, November 11, 2018

Free Fortean Society Magazine Download 1937-1959

"Doubt" / "Fortean Society Magazine" (USA, 1937-1959) : A complete set of 61 issues of this publication - of particular significance is now online. While it was a general Fortean publication, it included a considerable amount on strange things reportedly seen in the skies / UFOs. ("Doubt" is, I think, in the public domain under the rules in the USA for pre-1964 publications which have not been the subject of a registration of renewal of copyright which I've previously written about). Bob Rickard founder of The Fortean Times helpfully scanned about a dozen early issues of of Doubt. The remainder have been done by our friends at the AFU in Sweden (using copies supplied, in part, by Rod Dyke). As is my usual practice, I've uploaded the material to folders with the actual names on the publications - so issues 1 to 10 are uploaded to a folder under Doubt's original title of "The Fortean Society Magazine" while issues 11 to 61 are archived in a folder under the better known subsequent title of "Doubt". Added cross-references within both folders in the hopes this limits the inevitable confusion.

"Doubt" is at:…/United%2…/Doubt%20(Fortean%20Society)/

"The Fortean Society Magazine" is at:…/Fortean%20Society%20Magazine%20(Fort…/

Index of /Downloads/Magazines/United States/Doubt (Fortean Society)

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