Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Geneva Light Beam UFO Alien 1982 Incident

An UFO Alien incident in Geneva Switzerland in the early hours one winter’s morning in 1982 would see a young mother witness what appeared to be a cosmic reconnaissance mission by several large-headed humanoid "Alien" entities. The UFO Alien encounter would unfold right outside her home, enabling her to view events close-up from behind her living room window. An experience made all the more nerve-wracking due to the witness cradling her five-month-old son throughout. It is an interesting account, to say the least and one that perhaps lends credence to the claims of valuable elements and minerals on our planet that are of interest to visitors from all parts of the cosmos. Indeed, as we have examined before, some even claim so desired were these elements that “secret deals” were arranged between shadow US governments in exchange for advanced technology. Whatever the truth to some of those claims might be this incident featured a very definite and purposeful mission on the visitors’ part to obtain materials from here and take them to a destination unknown. link to The Geneva UFO Alien 1982 Incident  credit UFO Insight

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