Monday, August 6, 2018

Robbie Williams star's in an X-Files style documentary about his UFO Alien experiences

DAILY STAR, August 6, 2018.

ROBBIE Williams is to star in an X-Files style documentary about his alien experiences. The Rob files The star will share his UFO Alien close encounters with investigators in America. New X Factor judge Robbie is working with George Knapp, of Channel 8’s I-Team, to look at extra-terrestrial goings-on. Hunt For The Skin walker probes the strange UFO Alien sightings found on Utah’s 600 acre Skin walker Ranch, including mutilated cattle and UFO Sightings. The Alien beings are nicknamed “skin walkers” by the Native American Ute tribe, a kind of shape shift. A source said: “Robbie has had a number of UFO Alien encounters which cannot be explained by conventional science and he has always been very open about them. When his friend George asked him to be part of his film he agreed instantly, he isn’t embarrassed by his belief.”

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