Friday, July 6, 2018

UFO Sighting Formations reported 7/4/18 over Lexington KY

Several UFO "star objects"; in groups of 6-1 at approximately 8 minute intervals. No sound. No navigation. Watching fireworks on residential hill, we saw, low in the sky (10-15 degrees above horizon) a group of 4 - 6 very bright like a stars (no navigation lights) traveling N.E. to S.W. at a moderately slow speed. They were visible for about 3 -7 minutes, then they dimmed and disappeared. That's not all. About 4 '8 minutes later, a smaller group of UFOs 4 - 6 did the exact same thing. Brightens, route, degree above horizon etc. They too dimmed out at same area as previous group. We kept watching the area, where they first appeared, and another two appeared and began their "flight" exactly the same.  Finally, a lone "star object" appeared as the others. This UFO was brighter, and followed same flight path. These UFO Sightings displayed NO navigation lights whatsoever. No sound. Just bizarre.

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