Saturday, March 24, 2018

Shape of the UFO formation appeared to be triangular 3/22/18 Sunbury PA

UFO Sighting occurred on 3/22/18 Sunbury PA, UFO report reads as follows. When driving along a local State Route, I began to notice 1 bright light in the distance that stood out amongst the stars and what planes typically looked like, it was a bit brighter. As I focused on this bright light, it became larger/closer, and it was clear to see separation in the middle of what was becoming two UFOs. To ensure I was seeing things correctly, I alerted the driver only for him to confirm the same. The 2 bright UFO lights continued to approach, and split into 4 as they covered most of the visible sky in front of us. As they began to distance from each other, formation broke, and 2 UFOs on the bottom took off at a 90 degree angle at a very rapid rate of speed followed by the remaining two UFOs as their luminescent nature disappeared into the distance. The shape of the group of UFOs appeared to be triangular, yet right before they took off, the shape began to change. And although it seemed the UFOs were close at this point, they almost appeared transparent of semi-transparent (possibly shiny metallic simply reflecting the sky). Despite the proximity, there was no audible sounds during the encounter. source

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