Monday, March 26, 2018

Oval UFO with three lights hovered and became transparent then disappeared Swampscott MA

UFO sighting was about 7:20 to 7:25 PM Eastern Time on 3/11/18: I had just turned left onto my street which is a steep hill. My house is on the left side of the street. As soon as my car was turned and going up the hill, I noticed two flickering bright white lights with a pale orange light in the middle, all in a horizontal row, moving super-fast towards my street above the bare tree branches. UFO became so large so fast as it moved that I can’t even estimate how fast it was going to morph from the original size I saw to what it became. UFO Sighting moved in a smooth, forward, slightly descending south-east direction and then just abruptly stopped above the tree line between my house and the house next door. UFO hovered there motionless and silent (my car window was down). I’m not sure about its altitude but maybe about 200 to 400 feet. The sky wasn’t too dark and had random thick clouds, but the UFO was immobile in plain sight and not in any cloud. My stopped car was in the middle of the street in front of my house watching it move towards me right before the UFO stopped and hovered. I could clearly see a flat oval shape like an ellipse with three visible lights that had a weird quality…they weren’t like bright aircraft lights but had a more hazy flickering look and then became steady as it hovered. I jumped out of the car and just stood in the street watching it for about three seconds and then it seemed to almost evaporate! UFO literally became transparent in about 1-2 seconds as it suddenly moved in a sideways direction for a split second and then totally disappeared. I got back into my car and drove up the street to see if I could view it again above or behind other houses, but couldn’t find it. I was out there for about another minute when I saw something glowing and moving in one of the thick clouds off to the east about twenty times the height where it had first hovered. It moved around in an odd manner in that huge cloud then disappeared again. I ran into the house, put my groceries away which took about 2 minutes, and then ran back outside into the street looking in all directions.

About five to six minutes later, coming north-east from the Boston direction, I saw a helicopter moving fast towards where I was and going east toward the ocean where I last saw the glowing in the clouds. The helicopter moved into a cloud and I could see its distinct very bright white search light coming from its front, and the helicopter seemed to be looking for something as it moved along towards the east. Then I lost sight of it because of the trees and my location on the lower part of the hill. I waited for another ten minutes but didn’t see anything else.

The bizarre UFO I saw was NOT an airplane, blimp, or any other known craft. It was terrifying in its speed and disappearing or cloaking maneuver. Source

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