Sunday, February 4, 2018

UFO trailing C-17 at altitude Murrieta CA 2007

UFO Sighting occurred on 5/17/2007 I lived in Murrieta Ca for a year, and oftentimes relaxed on a patio swing with my 4 year-old niece, who loved watching and learning about the sometimes steady stream of aircraft whose flight paths were directly over the backyard, which had no trees, and no patio cover. The open sky view was excellent there, one of the only things I liked about being there. Having been from a family of pilots, mechanics, and airplane fanatics, a favorite pastime was identifying whatever flew overhead. March about 30 miles North of the house, and there were plenty of flights coming out of there (mostly cargo planes; C-5, C-17, etc.) and this day was very clear that afforded an extraordinary view of the skies. The swing faced to the East, that way the afternoon sun was at our backs, and allowed those seated to lean our head back for a relaxed view straight over our heads. This day, I'd gone out and took a seat there with Payton, and realized I left my camera on the kitchen table, which was just through the open French door about ten feet away but I decided I didn't want to get back up for that. Just as I assumed my head-back position, I spotted a C-17 straight overhead leaving contrail, which was typical. The C-17 is a darker shade of gray, and has a very distinct outline, easy to i.d. when it's at cruising altitude. It took a moment to make sense of what I was seeing, which was a long, white, tube-like UFO trailing it at the same altitude. A little longer than the C-17, it clearly had no wings or tail section, and was not leaving a contrail like the jet. From my estimation knowing the size of the C-17, the UFO trailed it by nearly a quarter-mile and held just to the right or starboard side of the jet. as they flew in a Southerly direction, the UFO Sighting eventually crossed through the contrail to the port side of the jet, as though staying out of the wash from the wings. after approximately 90 seconds, the UFO flew off at a slightly higher speed to the left of the jet and ascended quickly out of sight. I'd never heard of cigar-shaped objects, especially white in color so I mentioned it only to a few people, but later learned that it's a relatively common shape and color. I was always open-minded enough to believe in the existence of other life in the universe, but like so many others, am too busy with life to spend a lot of time seeking them. I felt it couldn't hurt to contribute this experience now, having had one other UFO sighting very soon after that one but at night. UFO Sightings are very personal in that, it elevated me that day, it gave me reason to believe in all possibilities, and perhaps that's all it was about but, considering the state of our country, knowing there's an intelligence monitoring the ignorance that governs our governments, I sleep a little better each night. mufon cms# 90000

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