Sunday, February 25, 2018

Red Bell Shaped UFO reflecting sun traveling a straight line west 2/25/18 Manchester GB

Was observing the planes as me and my daughter who is 5 drove home, we noticed a red bell shaped UFO reflecting the sun traveling in a straight line west that then ascended and vanished out of site at speed. UFO looked like it was moving around as we kept loosing site then it would travel in a straight line. When we first spotted or I did should I say It looked like it was following the jumbo jet. The jets had trails and this had nothing. When it captured the sunlight, the hole of the UFO looked silver with reflection, not one site of the red color. I got out my phone and videoed this UFO, I held my phone very still but could not capture it as though it was being erratic. After watching my footage I did capture it as it glistened and then zooms off. mufon cms# 90411

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