Sunday, February 25, 2018

Distant Oval-Shaped UFO Sighting over Highway A-1 Switzerland

February 20, 2018, we (2 persons) were driving on the Highway A-1 in the direction of Zürich. Before we reached the town Önsingen, we saw a gray small spot high in the sky on the right sight of the Highway A-1, under the clouds. The UFO Sighting was "glued" in the sky. It didn't move at all.
We took the next exit at Önsingen and parked the car to observe the object for another 15 minutes. It didn't move. The other Person could recognize two oval UFOs one on top of the other. The UFO on top was bigger. There was no connection visible between them. After 15 minutes, we had to leave. The UFO didn't move during the whole 30 minutes of the observation. I tried to take some pictures and video recordings with an i-Phone. It wasn't neither an airplane, nor a balloon nor a drone. After several hours we drove the same way back. It was still daytime, but the clouds were heavier. We took the same exit at Önsingen. The UFO Sighting was gone or invisible in the clouds. We drove "under" the presumed location for another hour, but didn't see any sign of it. At home I saw that, on the video recording, the UFO Sighting was visible as a really tiny gray dot in the cloudy sky. The shape was not recognizable. The person who accompanied me, draw a sketch of the two oval shaped UFOs he saw. mufon cms# 90408

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