Saturday, February 3, 2018

Black Large Triangle Shaped UFO reported CA 2012

UFO Sighting occurred on 5/25/2012: I was out side by myself on my driveway in front of my house in the City of Regina SK CA, and was looking up at the sky to look at the sky and stars. It was a nice night out with a bit of fog patches in the sky. After 5 min of looking at the sky a huge black triangle UFO flew right over me. Id estimate it was going 100 km/hr or less when it flew over me. I had a powerful laser light in my pocket that creates a beam in the sky that I would use to show my friends out in the country the stars like the big dipper and such. As soon as I seen the Black Triangle UFO, I grabbed my laser out of my pocket and shined it on the UFO and oddly I seen the beam go right up to the UFO but did not reflect back and seemed to absorb the light. This UFO Sighting lasted id say 20 seconds. The UFO had no sound at all. I was surprised the UFO went over a City like Regina, usually they avoid City's unless its ORB's. mufon cms# 89970

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