Saturday, January 13, 2018

UFO Sighting Described Disc like Reflected Sun on top Curved bottom

UFO Sighting occurred on 7-27-03 over Richard BC CA: I was riding shogun in my father's car. In the middle eastern sky I saw some sort of UFO Disc-like and just hovering. At first I thought it was an airplane coming to the airport as I live quite close to one. But this craft was too far south and had a curved bottom. I don't think it lasted more than minute. I had to shield my eyes from the reflected sun. When I uncovered my eyes to perhaps get a second look, the reflection and whatever it was was gone. My father didn't see it as he was watching the road. I was inside a moving vehicle so I couldn't get out to see if it had moved. This was my first UFO sighting. Any doubts of some other intelligence and other forms of it out there greater than our own was a thing of the past. I did draw on the computer what I saw but it is on another computer and I don't know how to send attachments. The other computer is not connected to the Internet. mufon cms# 89523

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