Saturday, January 20, 2018

Black Triangle UFO 3 red lights just hovering 400 ft above my house 1-18-18

Saw what looked like a Large Black Triangle UFO with Red Lights on all three corners hovering 400 ft above my house at 0100 on Jan.18th 2018 Roanoke Va duration 20 minutes. I’m still having trouble processing what happened. I am composing this perhaps an hour or so after the UFO incident occurred. So a little prior to 01:00 I’m sitting on the couch reading a book. I noticed that the video I had on which was a (Bach Concerto) starts going in and out, along with the power. I really did not think much of it until my laptop started acting strange as well. My lap top was opened running and unplugged not connected to any power source. Yet the power was effected somehow, I’m assuming it was an Electromagnetic Interference of sorts. I proceeded to look out the front door to see if I could identify the light from my neighbors TV’s perhaps going in and out similar to mine as many of my neighbors let their TV go all night and you can see the glow projected on the curtains or blinds fairly easy. Did not see anything out of the ordinary. I happened to hear a crack (like a stick breaking) in my back yard. Keep in mind this is a City setting lots of houses VERY close to each other. So I walk outside around to my back yard and noticed my hair standing up. The best way I can describe it is that it was a similar sensation you would get from the static electricity you’d get from a statically charged balloon. Looked around did not notice anything in particular. Looked up and saw what I can only describe as a Black Triangle with 3 red lights just hovering approximately 400 ft above my house. Completely quiet, there was no noise whatsoever. If I would not have look up towards the sky I would never have even known it was there. So there was an odd electrical discharge that would occasional present itself then dissipate directly under the UFO craft right in the middle. Similar to the electricity you would see from a stun gun just not as bright I don’t know exactly what it was but thought I would mention it non the less. Additionally I heard some rustling way back in the yard and from behind my shed (could have been anything even an animal) so I went back inside to get my pistol and a phone (because it has a camera) and by the time I got back outside (about 50 seconds) the UFO that was hovering above my house was gone. I’m still processing this. I thought I had only looked at this! thing for about maybe a minute but after all was said and done somehow about 20 minutes had gone by. Never in a million years thought any of this "UFO Sighting" was real or that I would see something like this. I don’t really no what to say other than wow. source

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