Saturday, November 18, 2017

UFO Sighting in airfield followed circuit pattern 6/7/17 Isle of Wright GB

UFO Sighting occurred on June 7th 2017 over Isle of Wright GB: I used to work at a small airfield back in 2007. My duties involved airport Fire Crew and air ground radio operator. On the day of the UFO sighting I was in the radio tower with a colleague of mine. There were only a few aircraft in the circuit at the time when my colleague said to me what's that in the downwind leg. Once he pointed it out to me I said oh yeah and grabbed the binoculars. I couldn't see anything distinctive apart from this UFO looked cigar shaped and all black no aircraft markings or anything so my colleague spoke to a microlight on the radio which was training in the circuit and brought it to his attention. The microlight also spotted the UFO after my colleague gave him a rough idea where to look and said hang on I'll break off out of the circuit and see if I can see what it is. The Microlight climbed and climbed as quick as it could to try and catch the object but the object seemed to climb a lot quicker than the microlight and eventually went out of sight and we never saw it again. I remember the microlight pilot saying how amazed he was that the UFO climbed a lot quicker than he did. Microlights aren't the quickest of aircraft but they can climb reasonably quickly from what I've heard and the pilot said he just couldn't keep up with it. I felt excited at the time because I am a believer and I believe it was my first UFO sighting which I will never forget. mufon cms# 88096

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