Thursday, November 23, 2017

UFO seemed to appear out of nowhere reported 11/20/17 Edmonton Canada

I was on a break at work and was standing in a parking lot in the University campus area. It was a clear sky with excellent visibility. The UFO Sighting seemed to appear out of nowhere. It was about 400 meters high and I estimate about 1 kilometer south of me. I got a very good look at it with a monocular that I carry with me. UFO was Disc Shaped, about 6-8 feet in diameter and about 1-2 feet in width. UFO was all black, no lights or exhaust, no markings. The unusual thing was that it wobbled as it traveled south at about 50 km\hr. Its wobble was similar to that of a coin that has been spun and is about to come to a rest. There was a helicopter that was heading east across the trajectory of the unknown UFO and it seems to me the pilot should have seen the UFO because it was so close to the helicopter. But it seemed as though he could not see it. I phoned traffic control at the International Airport to see if they got it on radar. Navigate Canada got back to me and said they spoke to the pilot and he said he saw nothing. Navigate Canada played back the radar recording and there was nothing on their radar except for the helicopter. I am 50, married with children, work full time. I have a University degree and two College diplomas. source

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