Sunday, November 26, 2017

UFO Captured by Security Video Camera on the 8 August 2017

The building manager at a high rise residential block in Auburn North South West Australia contacted the Association and subsequently supplied the security video. The manager would not normally have been at work at 7 am when the UFO sighting occurred however he was in at work early due to construction work at the site. He noticed the unidentified object on the security monitor in his office at the time this occurred. He was not able to get into the quadrangle to see the UFO before the UFO departed. If he had not noticed the UFO in the video and copied this video, it would have been lost, since the videos are recorded over, every three weeks. The manager has the security videos password protected so no others can gain access. The manager has no capability to alter videos and we are confident that there is no Computer Generated Image manipulation in the video. The time and date stamped security video was taken on the 8 August 2017 with camera 13. Camera 13 is mounted on the north-west corner of the courtyard at first floor level in the quadrangle of the block. This camera faces east and therefore the rising sun is in the upper left corner of the scene. The security camera 13 has infrared (IR) capability, but only at very close range, therefore the UFO is beyond the range that IR would be detected by the camera. This camera is the only camera that is mounted in the quadrangle. The video shows a Bright Disc Shaped UFO without a clear margin (blurred/fussy/not focused) moving from the right hand side of the scene to the upper left hand side of the scene. The UFO first appears on the right hand side at 7.06:07 and moves into the glare of the sun on the upper left-hand side at 7.07:40. The UFO appears to be leaving an exhaust or area of heated air in its wake, this is particularly noticeable when it is in front of the roof on the toilet block. The UFO initially appears to be in the shade and when it moves into the sunlight past the toilet block its appearance does not change. The sun’s position would suggest that much of the yard is in the shade. The swimming pool is located on the left hand side and a toilet block is in the middle of the scene. When the UFO first appears it is likely to be moving from behind the leaves of a tree on the right-hand side. If it is proved that the UFO is moving from behind the tree leaves on the right hand of the scene then we are confident that insects can be excluded. If insects are excluded then we are left with a drone or an anomalous object such as an UFO. The UFO appears to be moving in front of all features in the scene except when it first appears on the right-hand side from behind the leaves of a tree. The movement of the object may be described as robotic and purposeful with some momentary pausing and direction reversal. There is the possibility of the UFO being caused by the reflection of sun light however this appears to be unlikely since the altitude and azimuth of the sun has changed by significantly less than one degree (Source: Geo Science Australia). Camera 13 is wall mounted and the camera has a plastic semi-spherical lens cover. This is the only camera located in the quadrangle. A spiders web is visible around the base of the mounting bracket, however when viewed from the ground on the 31 August 2017, no spiders’ webs were visible over the plastic lens cover. None in the building have reported any unusual UFO sightings that we are aware of. There are probably hundreds of residents with windows facing the quadrangle and therefore it is unusual that there were no known reports from residents.

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