Saturday, November 4, 2017

7 UFO lights hovering 100 feet above me going slow V shaped

I was at 963450–963498 96th Rd Zorra Ontario Canada when I seen a bright light in the sky I have been flashed my high beams on and off repetitively that noticed the UFO appear to be moving closer to my location. I first noticed the UFO as I was driving west of Harrington Ontario Canada and seeing bright lights in the sky south west of my location and flashing my high beams to get their attention. When I first notice the lights in the sky I thought it was a UFO. As I was flashing my lights on and off repetitively the UFO appear to be moving closer to my location then It got about a half a kilometer in front of me so I shut my car off got out of the car was watching it and took a couple photos it had seven lights in a V-shaped no noise hovering right above me. As I start my car and got out to take a couple photos and observe the UFO of interest I was freaked out not scared but was my leg is that her UFO. I lost sight of the UFO by watching a fly away of my location. mufon cms# 87789

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