Sunday, September 17, 2017

UFO Sighting 9-17-17 Pillar like shape over New Delhi India reported

UFO Sighting today (17th Sept.2017)At 8:00 PM IST. I and my wife were sitting on the terrace and staring stars (observing their shapes which are in Equilateral triangle shape) Suddenly, I noticed two bright UFO lights moving in a direction across the Equilateral triangle shape stars. And within a minute the light vanished. I've never seen nor heard flying Pillar shape object in sky. The UFO lights were steady and a size of star. The speed of the UFO was uniform. and in around 30-40 seconds it was seen (The lights were bright when near the stars, but it became low when moved forward and suddenly vanished). I guess, that UFO was very very big in shape It was at great height. Its lights size were as shape of star. I was telling my wife to see that moving UFO but her eyes didn't see it. It was there for 30-40 seconds but she didn't see it. I was normal, nothing unusual happened. I'm writing this because maybe someone else has also seen this incident. mufon cms#86723

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