Sunday, September 17, 2017

UFO Reported 9-15-17 Size of Greyhound Bus all Silver windows no tail Guernville CA

My husband and I were driving country road home from grocery store. I suddenly saw this UFO to the right in the sky about a 1/2 mile to the north and above a hill. I said Stop, Slow down, so we could see this UFO. We slowed and a 2 cars came up behind us close so we had to continue, since road narrow and no place to turn around. The UFO just sat there. but when I looked away it was gone. Happened quickly. It was not a plane (no wings, or tail or wheels or noise.) Definitely not a kite. It looked solid. I've never seen a weather balloon that shape. I thought it must be UFO since nothing I could think of matched. No motion either but one weird thing. As I said it was kind of greyhound bus shaped, except the ends were fuzzy, fading as I looked. I was not scared just curious, and my feeling was, OH No not again, as I had seen another much larger UFO Sighting 5 months ago. As we slowly drove on I kept waiting for it to reappear, but it did not. Kept my eyes on the sky looking back towards the place we had seen it My husband did not see this but kept helping me guess what it could be. mufon cms# 86712 UFO Sighting occurred over Guernville California 9/15/17

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