Saturday, September 2, 2017

UFO Lights reported low over Pico Truncado Santa Cruz AR. 8/27/17

UFO Report Translate from Spanish to English: Transporting personnel by the RN 3 for the North to Caleta Olivia and we had spent about 20 Km the RP 43, it was the 27/8 and the hour the 23:10; We were going down the Tin Tin straight. The night was clear, at that time the passengers were sleeping, we saw no other vehicle on the route and my driver's companion saw a few UFO lights coming from the east side of the sea and flying very low but quite far and I think they were boats in the sea ​​although this one is to more than 20 km of the route. As at 2 minutes the UFO lights had come much closer, they were white and very bright and came very close together but not in formation directly towards the route. For the speed with which we went to 90 km / h and the UFO lights at a time I thought they would hit us even though they came higher than a traffic, so I stopped at the side of the road and in an instant the UFO lights crossed the route to about 30 feet very fast and making a muffled noise, the whole field lit up as they passed as one who shines with a very powerful light from top to bottom. UFOs crossed us ahead like 150 meters ahead of us and we saw them going west in a straight line to most, some UFO lights went up after crossing the route and they went to the Southwest. Just half a minute after the UFO lights went on we heard a muffled noise and passed almost above us a white helicopter very fast that seemed to follow the UFO lights, then we got off the traffic and we followed with the view as if it was losing in the night and the UFO lights far beyond. My driver accompanied me pointed up and saw pass but also above maybe as 300 meters a silhouette as a plane but was very thin and with wings very thin and long, and had no lights so we do not know what it was but it was following the UFO lights and the helicopter. We stayed about 5 minutes and continued our journey to arrive on time. They had awakened a couple of passengers but did not see the UFO lights or the other, but we saw everything very well. My companion tried to make a video with the cell phone but you can not see anything, just a few UFO lights moved and the rest dark. mufon cms# 86414

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