Monday, September 4, 2017

Red Glowing UFO Orb Hovering 9/3/17 Over Cicero IL.

I was in my backyard with my girlfriend having a smoke at around 10:48pm then all of a sudden as I was starring Into the sky I saw a red glowing UFO orb hovering above my house like 100-500 ft away on the NW side of the sky.. as I continued to stare at this thing, it startled me and I knew it was a UFO right away because I been seeing mysterious things in the sky for years and this one was really jaw dropping cus of how this UFO was Deep Bright Glowing Red it was just hovering then changing directions and acting awkwardly and descending. UFO also disappeared and reappeared repeatedly and a sudden awkward blink. It moved suddenly in multiple directions in the same area. As I recorded when it moved away from the camera like 5 min later I saw white flashes in the sky that wasn't lighting then it stopped flashing. Later on I also saw a weird fast moving UFO moving fast in a straight line when I was starring at the moon thru my telescope. Could not identify what it was. Another UFO sighting before the red orb I saw a triangle shape UFO orbs moving together on the NE side of the sky following a bigger white UFO orb moving fast wasn't able to record the Triangle UFO orbs cus of bad lighting on the NE side of the sky. Tonight was a busy multiple UFO sightings in the sky in Cicero IL. mufon cms#86478

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