Thursday, September 21, 2017

Possible Link Between Cattle Mutilations & UFO Sightings

I was driving on a gravel road in Nebraska a little after midnight. All of a sudden I saw what at first looked like an airplane going down. Then after about 4 seconds I saw that they were two bizarre looking UFOs. They seemed to be hovering fairly slowly (10 mph) heading West, smaller one in front of the other on the same path with the other one appearing to be about 2-3× it's size. I was in complete awe. I'm so stunned that I can't perfectly describe the first UFO or identify it's color; the larger one appeared to be neon red on top and neon blue on the bottom (clear outline) with white neon outside the outline and inside the UFO. It disappeared within 10 seconds of viewing. It came out of no where and then vanished. Within a 5 mile radius of where this even took place, SEVERAL cattle mutilations have been reported (including several from my own personal farm) as well as several UFO Sightings discussed among the locals. source MUFON

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