Saturday, September 30, 2017

Orange Yellow Triangular UFO reported 9/28/17 Bremerhaven DE

I drove my friend home from work, as we drove down a country road she asked me if I had seen the orange light on the left. I looked to my left and saw a triangular shaped orange yellow UFO. The UFO seemed far away and strangely we did not even thought about taking a picture or something. We drove across the road and suddenly the UFO was gone, my friend looked out of the right window of my car and the UFO was appearing again on the right side. I stopped at a marketplace nearby but the object was disappearing and we lost it in the trees on the side of the road. As we got out of the car we saw a helicopter that made a sharp turn away from where our UFO sighting happened. mufon cms# 87030 UFO Sighting occurred on 9/28/17 over Bremerhaven DE.

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