Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Classic UFO Sighting reported 9-2-17 Salinas CA

While observing the night sky from my garage I noticed a single non blinking red lite low in the horizon in the NW sky. The light was deep red larger than a conventional aircraft navigational light. after a second or two of observing the single lite, four more lights appeared forming the classic V shape. The UFO appeared to turn off then reappeared a few seconds later in the northern sky traveling to the NE with one red lite on. The UFO changed color from red to white, made a flash with what appeared to be a halo then disappeared. the UFO then reappeared in the original NE sky with only one red lite. The UFO then flew up at a speed faster than an airplane or helicopter. it then came down and made a 90 degree turn without stopping to the SE, stopped, then came back to the NE. it flew to the NE, before turning off. The UFO did not reappear. The UFO caught my attention due to the size of the non blinking deep red lite. It was larger than an aircraft lite and was not blinking. I observe aircraft and this was not conventional air traffic. I was delighted to see something i could not explain after 60 years on this planet. mufon cms# 86653

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