Thursday, August 31, 2017

UFO Activity reported 7/23/17 over Wyandotte MI U.S.

Have watched many nights all night as UFOs and planes that didn't appear on my plane finder application came and went. One main UFO was there on one day until 10 am. There are generally two big objects easily seen by the naked eye and then many, many little ones. It lasts for hours. On this night we turned the ISO up really high on the video cam and the things that appeared on the screen that were hard for the naked eye to see were pretty mind boggling. I've attached things we saw two different nights. What we are seeing was not a one time occurrence or one type of craft, there is A LOT of UFO activity - including many chem trails exactly over where we see a lot of this UFO activity. Sometimes I feel like I'm actually being called out from sleep to look. mufon cms# 86372

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