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Silent triangular "UFO" craft sighted 3/15/17 hovering over local school

On March 12th, 2017, at approximately 8:PM / 2000 HRS (EST) Gilbertville MA. I accompanied my mother outside of her home to walk her dog. I often keep her company outside at night while she walks her dog. We live at least 45-50 min away from any major light sources (i.e. a city) so a favorite pastime of both of ours is stargazing. Neither of us are heavily invested in the "UFO phenomenon" however, we both keep an open mind. I served as a weather forecaster in the USAF, and was also a qualified weather observer. Point being, I am confident of the conditions that night. Additionally; I received training in identifying heights/altitudes of objects at a (sometime great) distance; estimating their approximate sizes, as well as training to identify US, allied, and foreign aircraft. I say this to merely partially qualify my observations on the night in question, as I realize one merely has my word that this occurred.

On the night in question, the weather was crisp, cool, and clear. The temperature was relatively cold- I'd say moderately below average for the time of year. There was little to no cloud coverage (less than 1/8 - 2/8's coverage, for those that are familiar); No low-level clouds, no mid-level clouds, and extremely isolated high-level clouds. Said high-level clouds were cirrus in nature, and not enough to obscure the star/moon light in any meaningful way. Indeed the ambient light level was relatively high- it was close to if not entirely a full moon, and the starlight added to said ambient light. On top of the that, a light layer of snow on the ground enabled enough light-reflection to provide for a relatively "bright" night. On to the heart of our experience:

My mother and I enjoy pointing out things in the sky to each other. My mother particularly enjoys counting the number of aircraft she can find in a given time period. To that end, she often points out aircraft that are traveling faster than normal, etc. It's simply something she is interested in.

Within a few minutes outside, my mother exclaimed, "Oh my God, what IS that?!" I nonchalantly replied "A plane?"

My mother then proceeded to grab my shoulders, and twisted my body to face what she was referring to. About 300 meters (1,000 ft) WSW of our position was an extremely large, triangular craft, with white lights on the three "points." From its position, it was traveling approximately NE, very slowly. However, within seconds of both of us turning our attention to the "UFO" craft, it slowed to halt. It was now approximately 275 meters (900 ft) from us, and it hovered over a football-field sized field of a local school. It hovered for about 10 seconds, before turning on its center-axis. It's "front" point now faced NW, with its "right" side facing us. It continued to hover for another 2-3 seconds, before traveling NW. It accelerated instantaneously, there was virtually no build-up of speed. It was now traveling faster than it had been when we first spotted it- but not by much. UFO quickly disappeared over a tree line.

Perhaps it was the "shock" of seeing it, but my mother and I both agreed that we felt slightly "hazy" during the sighting. We were entirely aware of what we were witnessing, but it didn't register, and no words were exchanged between us during the UFO sighting proper. However, once the UFO sighting was over, I immediately stated, "Must've been a stealth bomber."

My mother hestitantly agreed, "It was kind of big to be... yeah, you're right, must have been."

We spoke no more of the incident for 2 days. I thought of little else, however, and come to find out, my mother felt the same.

In order to verify "my version" of events, I did not tell my mother my observations. I simply broached the subject and asked her to tell me what she saw, felt, and heard. She relayed to me the exact version of events I relayed in the preceding paragraphs.

Furthermore, we solidified our experience. The "UFO" craft was completely silent for the duration. My mother stated the "UFO" craft was "extremely low," and I'd estimate its altitude to be no more than 90 meters (300 ft) AGL, and I believe it was closer to 60-70 meters (200-225 ft) AGL. The "UFO" craft, as my mother put it, was "incredibly large." I would estimate its width- from "wingtip" to "wingtip" to be about 120 meters (400 ft). Its length- from its "front" point to the center of its "rear" was perhaps 30 meters (100 ft)- although this measurement was the hardest to gauge from our vantage point, so I'm only mildly confident regarding this point.

UFOs shape was mildly reminiscent to that of a stealth bomber- many times its size, that is. The "front" point of the triangle appeared to be a 90 degree angle, with the two "wingtip" points being acute angles. We both agreed the craft was very dark, most likely black- it was darker than the sky behind it. UFO had steady white lights on each of its points, which were relatively small, and didn't appear all that bright. On the bottom of the "UFO" craft, in the center, was a very shallow dome, perhaps 3-6 meters (10-20 ft) across, which emitted a steady, deep, red light- which, again, was not terribly bright- even more subdued than the three white lights.

The "UFO" craft appeared to be 6-9 meters (20-30 ft) "thick" (from bottom to top) and had no outwardly noticeable features it appeared relatively sleek. The surface reflected no light.

Before stopping to hover, the "UFO" craft appeared to be traveling around or under 32 kph (20 mph). After its hover, when it turned and moved NW, it moved slightly faster, at perhaps 40-48 (25-30 mph).

While describing her version of the experience to me, my mother remembered something. A few weeks prior, at night, she witnessed an incredibly bright white UFO light hovering over the northern tree line of her property (about 30 m/100 ft from where she was standing). She said this UFO hovered slightly above said tree line for about 15 seconds. From her position, the UFO appeared about the size of a softball. The UFO disappeared suddenly, and silently ( UFO was silent for the duration as well). She dismissed it as a helicopter spotlight but the lack of sound and the triangle incident made her rethink things.

Now, since the "triangle incident" I've been suffering from nightmares. The odd part is, nothing especially "bad" happens in said dreams I simply spot UFOs in the sky but an overwhelming feeling of dread comes down upon me. I experience anxiety during the day when I think of the initial experience or the dreams- all of this is exceedingly unusual for me. That said, I believe that I am perhaps reading too much into all of this. mufon cms# 85851

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