Thursday, August 31, 2017

Large Bright Conical Shaped Pulsating UFO Reported 8/30/17 Rockledge Florida

I was walking my dog Guinness, and I happened to be gazing up at the moon when to the left of the moon I witnessed a very Large Bright Conical Shaped Pulsating UFO that at first resembled a bright star. Within the time it took to my to lock my eyes on it, it ascended abruptly at a rate of ascent which was surreal , it freaked me out. UFO instantly became fainter and fainter until it disappeared out of my line of sight. The UFO must have been massive as it was very high and very distant. My experience with the night sky as an amature astronomer and gut instincts told me It was not a shooting star nor a man made aircraft. I am always gazing into the day and evening skies scanning to identify what aircraft may be flying above me. There is a large amount of civilian and military aircraft that frequent our skies which I am extremely familiar with. mufon cms# 86366

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